July 7, 2022


We're glad to announce a new product we are working on! ZeroTrays is a smart addon, aiming to simplify the transition to zero-waste shopping for retail stores.

The first prototype was conceived and built a year ago (back then it was a smart scale) on DragonHack, the biggest Slovenian hackathon. It received quite a few awards. ZeroTrays was then born out of this idea at the beginning of 2022. 🎉

❗Plastic pollution is one of the most significant problems, facing us and future generations. A huge amount of that pollution comes from single-use plastics used in the food industry. ZeroTrays aims to help with that - it enables an easy transformation towards zero-waste grocery shopping for small businesses and huge retail companies. 💪

Last month we were also granted a P2 financial incentive, co-financed by the Slovene Enterprise Fund and the European Regional Development Fund.

However, none of this would be possible without a great deal of help from Zavod 404 and Zavod Mladi Podjetnik, thank you a lot!