Curious App

Experience Sampling Methods (ESM) app

Curious (about) consciousness app was developed in collaboration with University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education, Center for Cognitive Science for the purpose of data collection in Experience Sampling Methods (ESM) and psychology research.


How It Works

Research participants or so called co-researchers (mobile app users) join the study research published in the app by research institutions. Studies aim to research different phenomena by sampling the lived experience. For example researching lived experience throughout the menstrual cycle or researching mind wandering in different contexts. Within the research, co-researchers answer different questionnaires at random or specific times during the day for several days or weeks. Within the app they have an option to download and to review their gathered data as well as simple analysis visualisations.

Our Role in the Project

We took on the entire development of the web and cross platform mobile application - from design, to frontend, backend as well as deploying the app on App Store and Google Play Store. Initially we created the app design in Figma. Based on the user specs we designed the project architecture and defined and developed the features. We then made sure that the app fulfils Apple and Android requirements and uploaded it to their respective stores.


Tech Stack


The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation of the  Republic of Slovenia and the European Union - NextGenerationEU.


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