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Premium car bed experience for simplified travel.
Premium Car Beds
DreamCase transform your car into a comfortable Pod-House-On-Wheels. DreamCase was designed to make car travel spontaneous, convenient and safe by swiftly unfolding into a double mattress for the coziest of rest.
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Increased successful checkouts
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We have transformed DreamCase's online shop experience into a simple, elegant, and ultrafast configurator-based website.

It is powered by headless Next.JS and integrated with an
e-commerce administration panel for simple management operations.
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William Frost
CEO at DreamCase
"We are BLOWN AWAY how fast it is. You promised me Lambo, and I got Lambo Aventador website ☄️ to the moon 🪐"
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Simplified Shopping Experience

We drastically improved user flow through all steps of configuring your perfect bed for the next adventure.
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Seamless Deployment

Automated tests and CI/CD pipelines ensure smooth and reliable deployments and a secure workflow.
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Active Support

We are available for support and troubleshooting whenever Dreamcase requires it.

Looking for an ultra fast web store?

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