GL Charge

Initially, we joined forces with GL Charge as developers, with a purpose to build a platform for managing electric vehicle charging stations. The project required proficient and independent developers, who were able to take charge of the entire development process from the organizational perspective, as well as deliver a high-quality end-to-end digital solution.


Assistance in All Aspects of the Project

We provided more than just coding expertise, but rather actively participated in organizing workflow and improving the development process. Our most significant contribution was helping to define the company's needs and adding additional manpower to execute the project faster.

Scope of Work


As we believe a fantastic user experience is one of the most important things in software development, we focused heavily on designing an exceptional experience for the power users, by designing a highly customizable platform offering various data visualizations, while keeping a polished and sleek look of the platform.

Frontend Development

In bringing our designs to life  we remained performance oriented and used cutting edge technologies such as Next.js and Zustand, to deliver a fast and responsive platform.


We took on a consulting role in the project as well, offering our expertise in architecture design on frontend and backend and assisted with the project management, planning and execution.

Our approach extended beyond writing code; we became a comprehensive development partner. By understanding the dynamics and nature of startup work, we were able to adapt to the fast-paced and agile environment, which ensured our quick responsiveness, adaptability to changing requirements, and reliable execution. We engaged in meetings and workshops, and offered assistance in clarifying their desires and requirements, as well as actively contributed to the design and filling the gaps, to achieve clearly defined specifications and ensure the platform's complete functionality and usability.



Working together, GL Charge and zerodays teams were able to successfully deliver a high performance platform for managing electric vehicle charging stations, which focuses heavily on UX.

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