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Robot Controller

Our low-level controller software ensures smooth and safe operation in laboratory environments.
Embedded Linux
It's penguins under the hood! Our software is managed and kept secure by a customized Linux operating system.
Powered by Teknic
Powerful Teknic servo motors are used for the precise and fast positioning of all the moving parts.
LlamaJET servo motor from Teknic.
User interface icon.

User Interface

LlamaJET is controlled via a custom touch user interface that was developed with laboratory workflows in mind.
Useful with gloves
Big touch areas and a sensitive screen enables the use of LlamaJET with gloves.
Print files from anywhere
Files can be sent to the LlamaJET from a remote location via a web interface.
LlamaJET software showcase.
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Production Line

The zerodays team works closely with the LlamaJET team to ensure a smooth and optimized production process.
Initial callibration
Our software offers support during the initial calibration process of each machine that leaves the production line.
Maintenance friendly
A special user interface was designed to reduce the technician's workload during maintenance operations.
Vials printed by LlamaJET.
Integrations  icon.

Custom Integrations

Each customer's needs are met by providing custom integrations into the existing ecosystems.
Authentication via SSO
Authentication and authorization of users can be managed via sign-on methods that companies already use.
Custom data flows
Existing files and databases can be synced to integrate seamlessly into the present workflow.
Render of vials in the air.
Grant LlamaJET access
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Alex Brown
Other services we provide include:
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Ongoing development: Great new features on the horizon! We maintain backward compatibility while upgrading the capabilities of the LlamaJET.
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Maintenance docs: Detailed docs for service operations and call support are provided to the on-site technicians.
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On-site installations: Each machine is installed, calibrated, and tested on the customer's premises.

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