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The main challenge presented during this project was how to develop user-friendly, secure, fast, and efficient software adapted for the laboratory processes while working within the strict constraints of the pharmaceutical industry. The software had to be capable of handling large volumes of data generated by pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. It was designed to integrate with existing hardware and software systems, which often require extensive customization. Meeting these requirements necessitates a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and the ability to develop solutions that can operate seamlessly within this unique ecosystem.


The zerodays team worked closely with our project partner, LlamaJET, throughout the entire process. To develop the solution, we initially conducted extensive research on the needs, requirements, and work processes of pharmaceutical laboratories. These encompassed various factors, from legal constraints to the requirements that the machine be user-friendly even with laboratory gloves on. Together with LlamaJET, we worked simultaneously to develop both the physical machine and the software that operates it.

One of the things we are very proud of when working with our partners is that we can integrate with the team to work together closely and efficiently. We try to foster a sense of unity and collaboration in every team we work in, which helps eliminate communication barriers and paves the way for smoother project execution. A strong emphasis is always placed on frequent communication, ensuring that all parties and team members are on the same page and working towards a common goal. This strengthens our relationships with our partners leads to increased productivity and better results.

As the pharmaceutical industry demands high accuracy and precision in labeling laboratory equipment we opted for the following solutions:
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Robot Controller

The low-level controller software developed by the zerodays team ensures smooth and safe operation in laboratory environments. Powered by Teknic servo motors, it ensures precise and fast positioning of all the moving parts. Moreover, the software is managed and kept secure by a customized Linux operating system.
LlamaJET servo motor from Teknic.
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Custom Integrations

Each customer's needs are met by providing custom integrations into the existing ecosystems. Authentication and authorization of users can be managed via sign-on methods that companies already use. Existing files and databases can be synced to integrate seamlessly into the present workflow. Custom integrations add value to the client, ensuring that LlamaJET fits into their unique processes.
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Grant LlamaJET access
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Alex Brown
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Production Line

The zerodays team worked closely with the LlamaJET team to ensure a smooth and optimized production process. Our team offers support during the initial calibration process of each machine that leaves the production line. A special user interface was designed to reduce the technician's workload during maintenance operations, making LlamaJET maintenance-friendly.
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Decoupled Architecture

LlamaJET software system was designed from the ground up to be highly modular and easily upgradable. This allowed the zerodays team to develop seamless integrations with different laboratories while retaining the same low-level controller software that manages the robot itself, ensuring safe and reliable operations.
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User Interface

LlamaJET is controlled via a custom touch user interface that was developed with laboratory workflows in mind. The user interface pays attention to details that ensure optimal use of the product, such as big touch areas and a sensitive screen, enabling the use of LlamaJET with gloves. Additionally, files can be sent to LlamaJET from a remote location via a web interface, ensuring fast and smooth production runs.
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Other services:
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Ongoing development: Great new features on the horizon! We maintain backward compatibility while upgrading the capabilities of the LlamaJET.
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Maintenance docs: Detailed docs for service operations and call support are provided to the on-site technicians.
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On-site installations: Each machine is installed, calibrated, and tested on the customer's premises.


The LlamaJET project stands as a testament to the great collaboration between zerodays and LlamaJET team, resulting in a pharmaceutical machine that not only streamlines QC processes but also provides a user-friendly, secure, and efficient solution for laboratory professionals.

Now installed in multiple laboratories across various countries, LlamaJET has proven its effectiveness in delivering quick production, responsive support, and seamless custom integrations within existing workflows. This project has showcased the importance of communication, teamwork, and in-depth understanding of the unique requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

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