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Digitally connecting restaurant owners and horeca suppliers.
Proky is an innovative online platform that aims to streamline the product ordering process and workflow organization in the hospitality industry. The company is digitalizing the food supply chain, connecting clients and HoReCa suppliers, and revolutionizing how restaurants and hotels operate.

In the very early stage of the product development, Proky partnered with zerodays to develop a web platform with a strong focus on a seamless user experience. We worked closely with the Proky team throughout the entire process, providing support and guidance at every level.
From the beginning, Proky strived to radically change the way the hospitality industry operates and digitalize the food supply chain. Valentina, the founder of Proky, saw the struggles that the restaurant owners, hoteliers, and retirement homes were facing with the amount of work, resources, and time the procurement of produce took. She believed in streamlining this process, and the idea of Proky was born.
Restaurants & Hotels
Food & Beverage Suppliers
Proky reached out to zerodays when their product was still in its infancy. Together, we worked tirelessly to deliver the best result possible. Our challenge at hand was to walk the fine line between rapid prototyping and designing future-proof solutions while maintaining a balance between efficiency and high-quality products. We were able to overcome this challenge by working together closely with the Proky team, focusing on lean prototyping, iterative development, and implementing frequent communication with the client, to ensure a fast and efficient way to a product that met their needs and fulfilled their wishes.
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Scope of Work
zerodays provided Proky team with our software development, as well as consulting services, which together led to a successful project completion.

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Project Management

Our project management services ensured that the project was delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards.
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Technical Strategy Development

zerodays helped Proky develop a technical strategy that aligns with their business objectives and supports their growth.
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UX Consulting

At zerodays, we believe user experience is at the core of our products. This allowed us to work hand in hand with Proky iterating towards the best product possible.
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Architecture Design

A huge focus was put on decoupled micro-service architecture, encapsulating technologies that include NextJS, Vercel, GoLang, Django, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, AWS and many more.
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Backend and frontend teams at zerodays worked closely together to provide a fast development cycle and a great user experience.
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Integration with external services

The decoupled architecture allowed us to easily connect external service providers and programs used by Proky’s clients.


Our partnership with Proky began in the summer of 2021 when we were brought on board to collaborate as a partner with their in-house developer, specifically for the development of the user interface of a web application. As our partnership progressed, we gradually assumed responsibility for the entire front-end and back-end development, as well as application maintenance, project management, feature development, and consulting services.

Our paths joined when the platform was just three months away from its launch, and together with Proky's team, we continued to develop new features through iterative processes. As we worked, we made significant improvements by rewriting certain parts, breaking them down into microservices, and adjusting the system to improve its stability, reliability, and scalability.

We have been proud to support Proky's journey from the basic MVP to securing an international investment that allowed them to expand their operations to Poland. While Proky has built a sales/operations team in Poland, we have remained steadfast as the support and development team for the entire platform.

We supported and grew with Proky through all levels of software development and their investment rounds and continue to do so.
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Key Highlights
In 4 months between the start of our journey and the product deployment, we worked closely together with Proky to deliver a user-friendly platform that focuses heavily on user experience and streamlines the processes in the food supply chain across Europe. We’d like to highlight the following achievements related to the project:
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Valentina Metež
CEO at Proky
"Their service is excellent. The zerodays team is exceptionally good at assessing project complexity and time management, which makes planning easier. We will continue our collaboration after receiving investment and expanding to the global market."
Implementation of a workflow that allows us to maintain a high rate of development while still achieving top-notch product quality.

Design and execution of major architectural changes in a backward-compatible manner that allows us to build future-proof products using cutting-edge technologies.

Continuous improvements in the way we work and the tools we use. Our suggestions that brought considerable improvements to Proky include use of an AI for classification, migration to ElasticSearch for better search performance, and a rewrite of performance-critical parts into GoLang in order to improve speed and scalability.

The zerodays team assumed an ongoing support role, providing quick responses to various technical questions and issues that arise daily.

To this day, we remain in daily contact with Proky's team, attending their weekly meetings as we continue to work together to develop new features and optimize the platform for success.

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