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SortWise AI

SortWise is an advanced AI sorting system designed to optimize e-commerce operations. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge AI, SortWise streamlines and simplifies the process of organizing and managing the products in the webshop. Leveraging sophisticated algorithms, the system swiftly classifies, categorizes and analyzes products and their specifications, reducing manual labor and improving operational efficiency.
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How it works?
We use existing product information, such as name, description or we access external data sources and feed it into SortWise AI service. The technology then sorts and intelligently organizes the products to drive an easy-to-navigate and consumer-friendly experience.
What we offer:
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SortWise automates the process of classifying the products by pre-defined specifications.
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The system automatically groups similar products together, making them easier for the business to manage and for the customers to find what they're looking for.
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The software doesn’t just sort - it learns. It analyzes the product specifications and decides the parameters on which to sort the products.
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SortWise can be easily integrated with existing e-commerce platforms to streamline everyday operations.
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The system utilizes AI algorithms to analyze the text and automatically sort the products, saving the retailers valuable time and reducing the need for manual labor, improving the efficiency of business operations.
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In addition to saving time and reducing manual effort, SortWise also contributes to cost savings. By reducing the chance for human error, SortWise eliminates unnecessary costs associated with mistakes.
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By enabling rapid updates and product changes, SortWise ensures that the customers have access to the most accurate and relevant information, enhancing their shopping experience and increasing customer satisfaction.

Interested in how SortWise can improve your business?