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Astra AI

We are proud to be a part of Astra AI, a GPT-4 powered chatbot for learning math, recently launched by Astra founder Andrej Škraba in collaboration with Klemen Selakovič.
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What is Astra AI?
To begin with, Astra serves as an extensive repository of Slovenian instructional videos and educational resources. Here, Andrej solves diverse math problems, offering step-by-step solutions. It's not just about obtaining the answers; it's about gaining a comprehensive understanding of problem-solving techniques – a resource that's often challenging to find in the Slovenian language.

Astra AI represents the next phase of this educational journey. By harnessing the power of GPT-4, it allows users to pose any math-related question. In response, the chatbot provides detailed answers and step-by-step explanations. Rather than relying on traditional tutoring, users now have access to their very own AI tutor, available 24/7.
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Mathematical keyboard

An intuitive math keyboard allows for an easy input of symbols, functions, equations, and more.
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Optimized for mathematics

Astra AI integrates seamlessly with Open AI and Wolfram Alpha, enhancing answer accuracy through a specialized system prompt.
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Affordable tutoring

In comparison to conventional tutors with hourly rates and limited availability, Astra AI offers an economical solution, providing access to knowledge anytime you need it.
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Our role in the project

We played a pivotal role in shaping the project's architecture and selecting the tools and technologies necessary to achieve our objectives.

As members of the project team from the beginning, we actively assisted in defining all the project requirements, drawing on our expertise to contribute valuable insights.

Our collaboration with the Astra team was extensive and encompassed every aspect of the project. This involved constant communication with project leaders to define requirements and features, as well as close cooperation with the UX team. Our collective efforts culminated in the creation of an exceptional platform.
As a part of the generation that used Astra throughout our high school years, we are very proud to be able to work on such an exciting project. We are already planning and working on new features and can’t wait to share this journey with the team and you all.