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Crypto Bot Management Platform

BotMaster is an intuitive solution for the management, provisioning, and orchestration of various trading bots running on tens of servers at once. It provides both a user-friendly interface and a developer-friendly way to run scripts across multiple regions.
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Simple Script Management

BotMaster aims to simplify both sides of automated trading - it provides a simple end-user experience while preserving developer sanity.
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100+ Instances Running

Bot instances located across multiple continents are constantly trading, making offers and tracking the crypto market.
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Live Market Tracking

A part of Botmaster is responsible for collecting and processing millions of datapoints of prices and other market events.
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NFT Price Tracking by Traits

To help humans and bots make informed decisions in an unpredictable market, we gather data from various sources for aggregation and analysis.

One can then use our custom viewer to study collection floor price history, past sales, and other collection statistics. Our viewer has an additional unique feature - viewing all the above features for individual NFT traits.

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