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Digitally connecting restaurant owners and horeca suppliers.
Digitalising Food Supply Chain
Proky is an online platform that connects clients and horeca suppliers within the hospitality industry. It simplifies the ordering process and organizes workflow in restaurants and hotels.

Zerodays and Proky teams work closely together to deliver an outstanding web app with a focus on user experience.
Restaurants & Hotels
Food & Beverage Suppliers
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The zerodays team joined forces with Proky in the early months of platform development.

Gradually, we took over more and more responsibilities, ranging from ongoing feature development to architecture design and consulting.
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Valentina Metež
CEO at Proky
"Their service is excellent. The zerodays team is exceptionally good at assessing project complexity and time management, which makes planning easier. We will continue our collaboration after receiving investment and expanding to the global market."
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Focus on UX

We work tirelessly with the Proky team in order to design and implement the features just right.
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Seamless Deployment

Automated tests and CI/CD pipelines ensure smooth and reliable deployments and a secure workflow.
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Active Support

We are available for support and troubleshooting whenever Proky requires it.

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