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Tailor your
digital future with AI

Do you have an idea involving AI tools?
We are the right address for you!

Stay ahead with AI.

We develop innovative digital solutions utilizing cutting-edge AI tools such as Chat GPT and seamlessly integrate them in your systems. With our agile and rapid development, we are able to quickly deliver you custom AI business solutions that set you apart from your competition, while staying attentive to the market needs. From business process optimization to AI enhanced user experience, we can help you take your business to the next level.

Our services:

Integration in Your Processes

We don’t just develop our AI solutions, but we also seamlessly integrate them into your business processes. Our expertise lies in aligning cutting-edge technology with your workflow for simplified processes and enhanced efficiency.

Beyond AI Implementation

In addition to utilizing and implementing AI we also analyze its limitations and develop tailored solutions to overcome potential pitfalls and refine and improve the implemented solutions together with the technological advancements.

Comprehensive Consulting

We also offer comprehensive consulting services. Our team of AI experts collaborates closely with you to understand your unique challenges, offering strategic guidance and support throughout the implementation and beyond.

Check out some of our past projects:

AI-powered math instructor, build for

Klemen Selaković
We are thrilled with how zerodays translated our abstract concept into a concrete product that will help students boost their math competency and confidence. Their AI technical expertise and collaborative spirit made them the perfect partner for the Astra AI project.
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Read about Astra AI

AI sorting system for your e-commerce needs

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Check out

Seamless Integration With Your Favorite AI Tool.

Are you already using AI tools, but there is something missing? We can fill in that gap! By integrating our solution with other tools, we customize the solution to your specific needs, improve the performance of other generative AI tools and seamlessly integrate the solution with your processes so you can start using your very own custom AI tool.